Different View Points on Effectiveness of Employee Motivation

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Reward system Pages: 5 (1356 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Different View Points on Effectiveness of Employee Motivation

Today, employee motivation has become significant for organisations and all sizes companies that toward their organisational objectives in a competitive marketplace. An effective employee motivation in organisation is the creation of conditions and through a variety of effective means to various needs of different staff levels, and the main purpose is to motivate employees who have great initative that good management of resources, mobilize their ethusiasm, intiative, and make the best match with the material resource to achieve maximum efficency in the organisation mission goals. An organisation can be organised in diverse ways, it depends on their cultures, countries, and objectives. This paper introduces that there are many different employee motivation methods today adapted for different operating environment. The effectiveness of employee motivation will focus on what the employee need is to be crucial, and the reason why many management persons concern for seeking the best way to motivate employees.

The traditional theory of motivation focuses on needs. In general, hierarchy of needs (Maslow, 1954) emphasised that according to the needs of employee diversity with different motivation, increase employee satisfaction with satisfy the need of employee. Pay and job satisfactions played an important role in employee motivation. (Randy, 1999). In fact, the reinforcement of employee satisfaction is not entirely effective on employee motivation (Peter Drucker, 1954). Even employees’ dissatifaction with some aspects of their work are far more likely to accomplish this, it may caused them to take the initiative to improve in their work situation, and they attempt to improve their team and themselve on work performance to achieve the desired results, this positive factor excites them in work motivation and to creat work engagement.

A previous study mentioned that understanding the employees’ needs is an important factor which brings employees satisfaction (Leonidas, Olivia, Artemis, 2008). On the other hand, recently management are much concern employee emotion, the effective measure of motivating employees is to increase their positve emotion. Instead of needs, what is the effective factor to motivate them? Desire is the starting point of all achievement. Thus, desire incentive employee self-motivation, and the nature of employee motivation is to excite their desire (Dean, 2001). So what desire drives employee?

Desire for ownership - The psychological ownership is important to employees, they prefer to see their ideas come to fruition. It is essential to employees that they have taking part in the decisions, and they are possessive of projects what they involved in. Desire for affiliation - Employees are getting more opportunities to the social interaction of meetings and informal gatherings. It is crucial to them to be associated with a successful organisation and prominent people. Desire for achievement - Some employees do take great pride in their work, they thrive on challenge, especially face up to difficult task or confront with urgent dealine. Desire for recognition - Employees desire to feel valued and appreciated for their work performance. Recognition boost employee positive morale and improve work environment, it helps solidify the relationships and reinforce employees loyalty to the organisation. Desire for meaning: Its significant that employees do take the organisation ‘s mission to heart and they become wholly committed to organisation that they believe in.

In today complex environment organisation needs to motivate team of people to work together to strive for the best result. “Rewarding” provides incentive and recognitions to employees, individual, team of people for their work performance. This is why management team are paying great attention on design a reward. A study recognise that to drive employee engagement...
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