Definition Essay: Motivation

Topics: Toilet, Reward system, Protest Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: October 27, 2010
As children, many of us are offered treats or rewards such as dolls to influence the effort we put towards a task or chore. Take my friend for example, she was offered gummy bears as a reward for going to the bathroom on the toilet. This is a technique I’m sure many of our parents have used to potty train their children. Although my friend’s experience as a child is a rather simple example, motivation exceeds one’s childhood and is used throughout an individual’s entire life.

At the moment, my dad is forty six years old. It is at this point in time where his job has begun to bore him but yet, he is still awake a five thirty in the morning and out the door by six thirty. Why would he put effort into something that doesn’t even excite him? His motivation, along with the majority of fathers, is the need to support his family and other sought luxuries.

On the other hand, a strong liking or devotion towards a matter or subject can be enough to motivate you. Last Sunday, I was being driven to a movie in Annapolis. As we passed Rite Aid, there was a young women standing on the corner alone, holding a sign. Once you gazed closer at the sign you could make out the lettering which was protesting abortion. I acknowledged the sign, but her protest was not too memorable at the time, considering that seemed to be the chief corner for protesters. At least four hours later we were driving home from a movie, dinner, and ice cream when we passed the same corner. The identical lady was standing there alone with her sign. Her passion for the issue was enough to motivate her to stand alone on the corner for a significant amount of time.

Would it be an exaggeration to say motivation is necessary to complete any given task? Even the simplest of tasks such as doing your laundry require motivation. Without motivation, there would be no incentive to do anything you don’t have the smallest desire to do. There would be no form of order in society and nothing would be complete....
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