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Topics: Personality psychology, Motivation, Locus of control Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: November 25, 2014
Define personality and how it affects sports performance P1 (Must include definition, description of personality types A/B, personality theories and effects on performance) Describe motivation and how it affects sports performance P2 (Describe the factors that affect the motivation of athletes, must include: definition, views/theories of motivation such as trait view, motivation types intrinsic/extrinsic and effects on performance.

Personality - the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character.

Personalities are usually described as how introverted or extroverted someone is. And introvert is someone who is usually more quiet and thoughtful whereas as an extrovert is someone who is more loud and excitable. If you are either introvert or extrovert it often affects the types of sport you like e.g. and introvert character would usually play something like tennis as it’s a sport they can play as one and not in a team, an extrovert person would usually like team sports more such as football and rugby.

Introverts enjoy sports with more concentration, precision with intricate skills. Introvert characters are usually more self-motivated. Extroverts tend to enjoy sports which are faster paced, exciting and where you need a lower concentration. These are usually team sports and they tend to be motivated by others around them. Extroverted people are often involved in sports which require a degree of aggression. There are 2 types of aggression: Indirect aggression – this means taking out your aggression on an object. Direct aggression – The aggression is in the direction of another player. It involves physical contact such as a rugby tackle or in wrestling or boxing.

Eysenck’s theory –
The Eysenck’s theory was thought of by a German man who identified two dimensions of personality which act as continuums, with an individual’s personality falling anywhere along the two lines, as shown below

These two dimensions...
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