Dan Pink---The Puzzle of Motivation

Topics: Motivation, Motivator, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: September 29, 2013
Dan Pink---The Puzzle of Motivation
I was draw into Dan’s presentation immediately by his personal story---a not so good personal experience on attending law school twenty years ago because of his “indiscretion” decision that lack of serious consideration or intrinsic motivation. This experience does not just create rapport with audience and draw attention from audiences; it is also highly related his thought-provoking presentation topic ---“the puzzle of motivation”. I think Dan’s presentation has effectively made the point. When I related it to my work and life experience, I think these are the three things in his presentation that ring my bell. First, even in most of cases, business and management are still using incentivize and award to motivate employees, especially sales people, it often time causes side effects, such as ethic problem, short-sighted issues, sometimes it might cause bigger problem for business regardless if the job can get be done or the deal would be sighed. People tend to be single minded when they are too focus on completing the tasks that was motivated by extrinsic motivation. Second, the work and jobs in current business world can hardly be defined into predefined steps. We are facing a dynamic ever-changing world, the way we doing things yesterday might not relevant today--It helps but not hundred percent correct in most of the cases. If everyone still passively follow the yesterday defined steps into today’s work, it might be wrong. The If- then not always happens without exceptions. Also, there are many new issues, problem we are facing day by day. It is hardly to be all predefined. How to motivate employees to do right things can be challenge if the motivation is built upon extrinsic motivators. What often happens is people either still mindfully follow the old way to do things or just don’t do what is outside of the steps needed, even it should not be bypassed. The extrinsic motivator limited the thinking! Last but not the...
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