Consumer Motivation and the Implication on Marketing

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Marketing Pages: 11 (4164 words) Published: November 22, 2012
Consumer motivation and the implication on marketing

The main purpose of marketing is to create value for customers so as to help the company to be success. Therefore, it is very important for marketers to understand its customers, especially on what motivate customers’ consumption behaviors so as to establish good marketing strategies. In this report, it aims at analysis consumer motivations. Firstly, it will start with the description the term of consumers’ needs as well as discuss different types if needs that consumers have as well as analysis the Maslow’s needs hierarchy and its implications. This is important for understanding customers’ motivation since it is the basic demand of customers that promote their motivations. Secondly, it will mainly look at and understand the process of goal setting by consumers and then it will describe the process of the motivations which was embarked by unfulfilled needs and throughout the way of tension generation, driving, consumer behavior and goal generation. Thirdly, It will look at the motivation strength and Directions, which is mainly about the result of the motivation that create certain level of influence on consumers which induce them to create a certain strength of feeling to fulfilled such unfulfilled needs as well as the effect of the external factors which produce a influence that direct consumers to make decisions. Then, the motivation conflicts will be introduced which includes three main types that are the approach –approach conflict, the approach-avoidance conflict as well as the avoidance-avoidance conflict and it will further discuss the implications on making market strategies. Finally, consumers involvement will be discuss, this is the consumers’ response to their process of motivations and it can be helpful for marketers to evaluation the marketing performance on the influence of consumers’ motivation.

1. Consumers’ needs
The term of consumers’ needs is similar to the term of demand and want, which is mainly about a process or way that can satisfy each individual customers which have their unique history, learning experiences as well as their culture environment (Agrawal, 1989). It is different from consumers’ motivations, since the need is the intrinsic demand based on the nature or the experience and background of consumers, such as the need of food and drink as well as the need of entertainment. The need cannot be created by marketers; however, they can affect the purchasing behavior of customers through their influence on the motivating processes. The need can be seen as the precondition of the motivation progress, since the process of generate consumers’ motivation is depending on if they have such need as well as if such need is realized. Generally, the needs can be classified as three types. The first one is the innate needs, which arise from the nature of human being For example; people need food, drink, air and shelter. These needs are necessary to maintain their lives and therefore, they are also termed as the biogenic needs. The second type of need is named as the psychogenic needs, which is relevant to the desire to be involved in the society and become a member of a culture. For example, the need of power, statuses as well as affiliation are subject to this category. The third one is called as the utilitarian or hedonic needs. This utilitarian need is a need for a tangible attributes of products as well as its durability. For example, consumers would like to buy a fuel economy car rather than a car which consume too much petrol. While the hedonic needs are subjective and experimental. For example, certain customers would like to consume milk of one particular brand rather than any others as they believe it is the best brand milk with high quality even through the price is higher and the products is of high homogeneous. One of the most important theories on needs is the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory, which is important...
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