Concepts of Motivation

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Concept of Motivation
Concept of motivation
Motivation is defined as an amalgamation of forces that instigate, direct and maintain a certain type of behavior that aims towards achieving a specified goal (Hong-chee, 1968). From this definition it is evident that motivation is a group of certain forces working together to achieve a particular objective. Therefore, motivation is regarded as a vector quantity possessing both direction and magnitude. Motivational direction is seen in the individual’s behavioral intention while motivational magnitude is shown by individual’s strength of attraction towards the expected results (Hong-chee, 1968). These two motivational factors are dynamic as they rely on an individual’s choice in a given environment at a particular time. Motivation therefore, is a moderately dynamic individual’s variable that is comparatively influenced by situations (Hong-chee, 1968). Gradual changes in behaviors of individuals are greatly explained by motivation and its importance shown as it is a subject matter in several areas of psychology. For instance, psychologists believe that individuals need to get motivated for them to acquire knowledge and as well as in taking advantage of medical intervention among other examples. Motivation gives interests and incentives which results to specified actions or certain changes in behavior. Motivation is currently depicted in every part of an individual’s life. For example, one is motivated to take food because of hunger while schooling is motivated by the need for better employment, promotion in the work place or need for knowledge. What motivates varies from one individual to another as people may be motivated towards one thing but by different motives. Therefore, whatever motivates an individual ranges from incentive to coercion (Deckers, 2010).

Functions of emotion
Even though quantitative deterministic motivational theories do not recognize emotion as an...

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