Communicative Lesson Plan - Demonstrative Pronouns

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Communicative Lesson Plan
EDL 113



A Communicative Grammar Lesson Plan

Demonstrative Pronouns

Robelynn S. Deocampo
Christopher E. Omega
Target Learners:

Time Allotment:
Filipino Tour guide trainees learning English as a Second Language Ages 20-22
Beginners to Pre-intermediate level

1 hour and 30 minutes

I. Objectives

A. General Objectives

B. Specific Objectives/
Support Skills
At the end of the lesson, learners should be able to:
a. understand the usage and meaning of demonstrative pronouns b. apply their knowledge of demonstrative pronouns in their actual professional work

At the end of the activities, the learners should be able to: a. recognize the situations and conditions when to use a
b. particular demonstrative pronoun;
c. speak meaningful sentences applying their learning of demonstrative pronouns; use demonstrative pronouns to represent places;
d. conduct a tour around a place with foreigners.
II. Subject Matter

A. Language Focus

B. Communication Function

C. Other Topics

Demonstrative Pronouns (this, these, that, those)

Exploring different places and sharing information about these places with people

Sharing general information about a place
Narrating historical events that can be associated with a place III. Materials

A. Visuals/Handouts

B. Other Items

C. References
UP Diliman Maps
(retrieved from the UP Diliman Website:

Mini-brochures of different tourist spots (Luneta Park, Intramuros, Fort Santiago, National Museum)

Handouts containing itinerary guides (see appendix)

IV. Procedure

(10 minutes)

For this part, the students will have an activity. The teachers announce the activity and its mechanics.

Before the students arrive, there are already hidden maps around the College of Education.

The class begins with a game called The Amazing Race. The class will be divided into four (4) teams. Each of them will be given a map to search for treasures (see Appendix for clues and script). Once they find the treasure, they can go back to the classroom. The first team who comes back receives a special prize.

After the activity, the teacher briefly explains that tourist spots are distinct places which reflect the culture and history of that place and a country on a larger scale. To become good tour guides, they must be well-versed in the history and significance of a place. To be able to serve tourists well, they must have a basic competency of using the English language.

Eventually, they will be involved in touring exchange students. These foreign students are interested to go to different places in Manila. Their task is to tour them around an assigned place, for example is Fort Santiago. They will be provided brochures and some information about the place. B. EXPAND

actual touring, outside the classroom, guiding the tourists around UP and sharing some info using the demonstrative pronouns



Clues for Amazing Race (Engage)

1. Go in front the Benitez Theater.
2. A girl in maong pants and plain white shirt is standing in front the left entrance of the theater.

Approach her and say: “We are (team name) _______ and we are ready for our clue.” The girl replies: The thing that you are looking for are under THOSE chairs stacked near the guard.

1. Go to the Department of Guidance.
2. Go down the stairs and stop in front of the lockers.
3. A boy wearing a navy blue polo shirt is standing near the lockers.

Approach him and say: “We are (team name) _______ and we are ready for our clue.” The boy replies: The thing that you are looking for is hidden in one of THESE unoccupied lockers.

1. Go to the third floor, right wing.
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