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St Patrick’s College London

HND Health and Social Care Management

Communicating in Health and Social Care Organisations

Lecturer: Mr Stefan Alexa

Student: Rozsa Sarnyaine Szigeti
Student ID: 21202196
Word count: 2631

What is the communication? I assume like in Fiske’s opinion it is a process, which is at a simplest level including the following components: communicators, message, channel, noise, feedback and context. (Fiske, 1982) The main issues addressed in this essay are the following: a) what is the impact or use of communication skills in health and social care, b) how influence the communication process in health and social care and c) exploration of the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in health and social care.

a) LO1
The lack of communication and communication skills are leading cause of a lot of problems in the health and social care. The word “skill” is meaning that the person, who skilled is educated, has a big knowledge, well trained and performing on a high level. (Dickson, Hargie and Morrow, 1989) People can realize, the patient was considerate, but did not express her/himself to get to the point what she/he want from the doctor exactly.(1.2, 1.3,1.4) The professionals – doctor, nurse, receptionist – do not used the right communication with the patient, it is meaning their communication were inappropriate.(1.2,1.3) The evidence of inappropriate communication can be clearly seen in the case of 2 days old new born baby boy in the Great Ormond Street hospital: he had a serious problem with his heart, the sergeant when spoken with his father he was direct, but was not considerate.(1.4) He told to the father all the facts, risks, if they are operate the baby they have 85% that it will be successful, but the father did not speak at all, the sergeant realized that he did not know what going on around him, just signed the paper to do the operation. (1.4)The sergeant was going to ask the father later about it again but he has not asked him and unfortunately after the operation the baby is died. (1.3) If the sergeant will be considerate and listen to the sign of the father reaction – that he did not spoken at all, he was speechless and he seemed that he was not under control –, he might need to explain two or three more times all the procedure and might he did not sign and his son still alive. (1.3, 1.4) People can empathize with the patient, because the doctor was not considerate to her/him, but the patient did not used the right communication approach also such as an effective communication and also, she/he can be more expressive towards what she/he want from the doctor. (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4) In the following example shown an effective communication between a cardio sergeant and parents of Natalie a couple of months old baby with heart problem, who waiting for an operation in the Great Ormond Street hospital: the cardio sergeant described the operation to the parents: what he will do with their daughter, how it is will happen and why he will do it.(1.2, 1.4) He is speaking with them in a mixture of direct and systematic communication style to make sure, parents will understood all this situation, and they able to make the right decision and aware themself about risks.(1.3,1.4) As the same time the parents are known what is going on, they has the ability to understand the sergeant. (1.4)Where the message source was the sergeant and the parents are encoded his message via transmitter, the signal from the sergeant get the right “noise”, and the parents could reconstruct the sergeant’s message with the noise and they are decoded the right way, the message get to the destination - parents.(1.2) People can empathize with the doctor, because if the patient does use the right communication approach the doctor might will get the right message, encoded correctly and taking into an account all of these elements, however the doctor can use the right communication...
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