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Deciding a major in college is not always easy. However, it is always important to choose carefully because whichever major a new college student chooses will determine the career they will have for the rest of their life. College majors should be chosen carefully, and there are a lot of factors that help people decide what to go for. Interests play a great role in choosing a major. It is usually easier to choose depending on the person’s preference or personal taste. Job availability also influences the decision a lot. There are a great deal of college graduates that are unable to find a job after they graduate. The students’ skills also play an important role in how successful a student can be. Different skills go with different majors. Interests, job availability, and skills are all factors that should influence students in deciding a major.

The first factor in choosing a major is the person’s interests. Most students when choosing a college major, base their decision on their personal interests because it is what goes with them. For example, a student could think they want to be an accountant, but cannot wait for their college algebra class to be over with so they can head straight to their art class next. It is very hard to work at job someone does not like, so it is best to find something that goes with the student’s interests. Most likely they will not enjoy their major because it does not go under their interests. It does not make sense for somebody to start working in something they do not like after they graduate. Interests help many students make their choice a lot easier because it helps them find a career that they will actually enjoy after college.

The next factor is job availability. The growth rate of many jobs is slowly declining each year. They are many students that become unemployed after college, even if they have a degree. Competition also affects job availability. Sometimes competition in certain careers is so high that college...
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