Cindy Sherman

Topics: Cindy Sherman, Subject matter, Theatre Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: November 14, 2013
American conceptual artist Cindy Sherman uses photography and her body to create a myriad of characters and personas, questioning the nature of identity and representation. She uses digital photography to connect with our media dominated society, regarding it as, a massive cultural phenomenon that has the ability to persuade society’s views on life, “photography can make anyone believe anything". Growing up in the 50s, the first generation with television access to Hollywood, her work often focuses on Hollywood’s effect on woman within a modern day society. She creates caricatures of stereotypical woman, characters and famous icons throughout media and art history. She assumes multiple roles of the photographer, director, stylist and model, using her own physical self to create her carefully constructed tableaux. Creating media, hackneyed scenes in her black and white self-photography that give the appearance of being stills from a film. This theatrical style of her is what I want to draw on in my Photographs, incorporating her use of the creation of scene and dynamics. Cindy Sherman creates a beautifully detailed character within Untitled: film still #7, donning an old night gown and pair of stylish sunglasses, with a martini glass held haphazardly in her left hand as she leans against the glass door frame. Sherman ‘s lusty image of this woman is one that is often viewed within many Hollywood films and television shows, a crass, loud mouthed woman who has no care for anyone else but herself and her 11 am martini. The woman’s body language and gaze staring out to the audience, appearing as though she has been caught midsentence, creating a sense of conversation and communicating between viewer and subject. This conversation between the audience and the characters within the photographs scenes is something I want to explore within my works. Also want to explore the staged, film like element of this work, the scene comes across as natural and real and would only...
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