Choosing the Right University

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There is a lot of things in life that need a right decision because sometimes what we choose is determine our future too. That’s the reason why the important one for me is about understand that life is really a choice. My name is Kharis Ardine Limosa ,I was born on 6th June 1988, when I was growth become a mature and looking all the journey of my life I just feel so blessed and thankful because I have a greatest family in the world that consisting of my furious dad, super mom and two lovely sisters. We life with too much love to each other. I learned to many things about value of living by the times I have already past. When I want to go to the university, my dad always teach me to choose all things in life based on what I needed and I really want, because everything that choosen by heart would be good and perfect as long as accompanied by hard working and prayer. Its same like why I choose and how can I be there in Universitas Pelita Harapan with Business School major.

Many people said that knowledge is the most important things to become a success person but, in my opinion being a success is not as simple as that, we need right place to get education, a good society such as friends and the environment element, a large network, that can support the activity of studying, that will decided our future and can make our dream to be a real one soon. As we can see in Jakarta there’s so many good university with their excess, but based on my research by asking some friend and see the real campus live in each university that I did before I’m choose this university, I was found that universitas Pelita Harapan is the best university that have a unique competitive advantages than others.

When I was graduate from Gandhi Senior High School, the place that very good for me because I have so many friend and good living High school there, doing a lot of fantastic thing, get too much knowledge and finished all my high school life with a great score in Ujian Akhir Nasional was made me feel so happy and need to decided the continuing appropriate place to extend my degree become a student of university. I have so many choose in this town because as we know that Jakarta is very big city with too much university that have their own advantages besides UPH (Pelita Harapan University), such as ; Untar (Tarumanegara Univesity), Binus ( Bina Nusantara University) , Atmajaya Univesty, UMN (Media Nusantara University) ,Prasetya Mulya Business School Univesity and many others.

In my free times especially on the weekdays ,I was going to other University to see the real building ,real situation, real of campus live in the each university that i would like. The last University that I was visited is UPH because it’s a far awa from Jakarta City and also far away from my home. I need to faced the mess traffic and got the Tol with 18 km estimated to the destination, Lippo Karawaci or or now better known as Lippo Village the town whereas the Pelita Harapan University been. The first time, I came to Pelita Harapan Global Campus I was seen that they were construct the very big building for Management major or usually the called business school.

Then I walked and seen the situation of Pelita Harapan Campus , from the board that I saw their garden I was knew that Pelita Harapan is the one Global Campus in Indonesia because the have so many majors but all of them collective in one place one location and the one things that to be more interested for me is about how the create the wonderful place with a comfortable area by a awesome garden that really go green. All of the area of pelita Harapan campus was look amazing and like in the abroad country. I was never seen the beauty campus more good than Pelita Harapan have. Besides of the great areas, this campus also have the completed facility example : a perfect FJ (Food Junction) , three basketball court, a football and running court, the...
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