Characteristic of Education

Topics: Education, Learning, Teacher Pages: 2 (321 words) Published: October 12, 2012
Course 1. Characteristics of Education

Family, society, mass media, formal educational institutions, influence man. We keep abreast of latest developments and learn other branches of knowledge. Education is life-long learning (Till death). It brings about integrated development. P.T, Training of mental faculties ensures healthy emotional satisfaction and brings about socialization. Influences, Inspirations, Maturity is obtained systematically, in a planned manner for harmonious and balanced development in the personality of a learner.


Education is imparted in the social milieu to the pupils by a teacher. Education is need based. It is preparation for life. It is life itself and caters to the needs of man. It provides man-power for development. It is dynamic, flexible, pragmatic and mind’s future changes. It caters to the capacities and abilities of the individual. It fulfills social, economic, physical needs of the community and adaptation ad adjustment of man in society.


Educand gets degrees, certificates, medals, trophies, prizes, gifts, felicitated,gets scholarship as cash or cheques, presents, jobs, titles (Sir, Doctor), vocational life enrichment. Approval, recognition, honour,transfers, promotions, increments, funds, loans, advances, grants, financial assistance, skills, MS CIT, creative writing, guerilla tactics, economic freedom, a refined heart, trained, intellect, disciplined spirit. We become responsible, alert, aware. We attain supreme bliss or mukti. A real teacher is a guardian of the wards under his/her care. He/she helps solve problems faced and gives the right channel for the surging aspiration of the youth. A teacher takes deliberate, purposeful, planned efforts to impart knowledge. A teacher is a mature person who presents and imparts experience by intention, conscious design to cultivate values. Education is transmission of life by living to the...
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