Canteen: University and San Pedro College

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San Pedro College as an academic institution is note for its academic excellence in tertiary education especially in the field of nursing. The school has proven its worth by producing competent graduates and board topnochers.

However, inspite of this glory and honors befitting the school, it has also its own draw back on the physical side of development. There are lots of problems in our school, but the one that irritate me most is our canteen.

San Pedro College is situated in a small area so physical development is vertical as seen in its several storey buildings. The rise of the population due to influx of enrollees and transferees the campus now seems to be crowded.

The school canteen problem has been featured in our campus paper and much had been said about it. But until now management actions was done to address the existing problem. I have nothing against what is serve as a matter of fact I like the cheap, delicious and nutritious food. The problem is the long queue of students waiting for their turn to be served. Finally you get your turn to be served for you pay as you order again the problem is nowhere to sit down to eat lunch. Waiting time again. By the time you could eat lunch, the one hour noon break is already consumed. You could hardly fix yourself and rush to the classroom, otherwise you will get late for the one o clock class. The saddest among the consequences is that we were robbed of our precious time to study. As a student I am not asking too much but a little comfort and make use of our time wisely. I know for sure hundreds of student feel the way I feed. The school management must take action now, otherwise it would still be a popular student rhyme, and crowded canteen wasted time.
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