Bethune Cookman

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Jaymeeshah Bosse
What brought me to Bethune-Cookman University?
University of Miami, Florida State University, and Florida and Agricultural and Mechanical University are all outstanding colleges but the great Bethune-Cookman University caught my attention. Bethune had a great faculty and staff and the people were very friendly when I came to Daytona for orientation. My best friend of eight years, Bethune’s great nursing program, and how God is involved in everything you do on campus is what brought me here.

My best friend and I have always planned on coming to Bethune-Cookman. We have been planning on coming to Bethune since we were in middle school and actually stuck to that plan. We always went to classic every year and waited for the “Marching Wildcats” to perform. Every time we watched them perform we were amazed at what we seen. There was no doubt in our mind that we weren’t going to come to this historically black college. The nursing program also brought me here too.

Bethune-Cookman has an incredible nursing program. With their nursing program you’re guaranteed a job in that field if you are actually dedicated to it like I am. They give you an opportunity to experience life as a nurse in the hospital. I’ve always wanted to become a pediatric nurse and with God I know I can do it.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Bethune-Cookman involves God in all the sports and activities that goes on around campus. I just love how they say a prayer before lunch and how the chapel is opened for students to attend. It is really a great way for the students of Bethune-Cookman to stay focused. If God is on your side anything is possible.

Bethune-Cookman is a great historically black college. My best friend, the nursing program, and how God is involved on campus is what brought me here.
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