Benefits from the Public Universities

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In Malaysia, there are basically three types of institutions offering tertiary education. There are public universities, private universities and also university colleges granting bachelor or advanced degree. Among these three types of institutions, public universities were the most popular in nowadays. Certainly, there must be some benefits from the public universities only will cause it become popular day by day.

The low cost of fees for public university was the first advantages. Money becomes a burden for every family in the social nowadays. The inflation of prices, financial crisis makes the parent in order to find solution to avoid their children get affected and continue their study. So, public university will become the best choices for them, because the low cost of fees that they can afford.

Beside, Malaysia is also recognized as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. One of the success reasons is the ability of the higher educational institutions to provide career that relevant with the courses which help students to develop knowledge and skills needed in the workplace. This will increase the employability of the students when they graduate.

Another good reason on why the public universities popular is that, the benefits gave from government, parent met the problem on high course fees so that sent their children to public school because of the low cost fees, but applying for scholarship also can solve this problem.

The conclusion is no matter is public universities or private universities, student gets the same service facilities and environment. Why don’t we choose public universities as our first choose? Nowadays economic have become bad than before, every family are trying to save money for everything. So, choosing the public universities are the good choose.
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