Barriers to Communication

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External barriers to communication
Barriers to communication 

To approach the subjects we'll analyse a simple model of a communication process consisting of two communicating units (people) and a communication channel linking them. In a simplest example both interlocutors are close in the space so they can talk, see one another and they can undertake any actions.

[pic] - Communication channel - [pic]

First, let's clarify some terms.
By communication channel or channels we will understand a set of means and mediums used to pass information among the entities that attempt to communicate. In our case two persons communicate verbally and visually. They are also using body language i.e. body movements, gestures and facial expressions instead of, or in addition to, sounds, verbal language, or other forms of communication). 

Providing that there is no problem with communication channels, efficiency of communication depends of the persons' abilities to understand one another and of their specific personal skills. These types of barriers then can be presented as follows:  

a. Linguistic barriers - 
interlocutors don't speak the same language, speaks on different level or use different vocabulary, which means that symbols (words) used to pass information and their arrangement may have no meaning or different meaning    

b. Cultural barriers - 
interlocutors cultural origins are different which means that they may have: o Different model/image of the world and its relations o Different values and their hierarchy
o Different social norms, rules and rituals formal and informal that affect behaviour and regulate an entire system of interactions    
c. Social barriers - 
interlocutors represent different social group which may differ their: o General behaviour as effect of different social norms, rules and customs, standards, beliefs...
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