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The Problem and its Settings


The advancement of technology rapidly evolved, computerized systems were developed for the improvement and enhancement of human , as a matter of fact, other school and institutions are using computerized system to aid some difficulties encountered the manual process. Most private and public schools of Southern Mindanao are using net time and Log-Sheet for logging-in/logging-out. It has been helping institution and organization in monitoring their time of the student aid. The internet laboratory of Mindanao Polytechnic College is using a manual Log-in/Log-out process. This manual process causes problems such as over time and other they did not Log-in/Log-out. There are times they hack the net time of internet laboratory. Due to the problems we observed, the proponents were encouraged to develop a “Log-in/Log-out System Integrated with net time Using ID number “proposed as a replacement for the manual process.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
This study will resolve the manually monitoring process of the student aid in the Internet Laboratory using the log-in and log-out Monitoring System.

Particularly this study intends to answer the following questions:

i. How will the System Monitor the students Log-in and Log-out? ii. How will the Internet Laboratory satisfy with the Log-in and Log-out Monitoring System? iii. How will the system reduce the paper based system?

iv. How will the system lessen the manually process o the aid?

1.3 Objective of the study

1.1.1 General Objective
i. To develop the manual Process of checking the in and out of the students in the Internet Laboratory and to know who are using their time in Internet Laboratory. ii. To improve the current Monitoring system

1.1.2 Specific Objective

i. To save time in checking the log-in and log-out of the students. ii. To lessen the manually process of checking in the Logbook. iii. To produce accurate data (time).
iv. To properly monitor the in and out of the students.

1.4 Significance of the Study.

The researcher intended to enrich and upgrade a log-in and log-out Monitoring System. The importance of this system is to monitor properly the log-in and log-out of the students who are using the internet laboratory and also to record the time that they already used. To avoid more works on checking the logbook. This system will really helps the students aid’s on their jobs in the internet laboratory and also they will have a computerized record of log-in and log-out and it is not so hard for them to do it.

1.5 Scope and Delimitation of the Study.

The study focuses on the monitoring of log-in and log-out of the student’s in internet laboratory. The log-in and log-out monitoring system is concerned in getting the time that the student’s log-in before using the computers in the internet laboratory. In the same time the computation of hours consume and monitoring of time limitation of every student’s who using the computer. On the other hand, this study limits only to the proposed enhancement Computerized Log-in and Log-out in the internet laboratory. A proposed system which can only be access by the student of Mindanao Polytechnic College.

1.6 Definition of Terms

1. Internet Laboratory – is called the Research Laboratory for all students at Mindanao Polytechnic College. 2. Internet Laboratory In Charge – is the one who are In charge in the Internet Laboratory. 3. Student aid’s – are working students who are assign in the Internet Laboratory to work on their free time. 4. Log-in and Log-out Monitoring System – is the new system for Monitoring the in and out of the students in the internet laboratory. 5. MPC – which is the Mindanao Polytechnic College where is the system made for. 6. Visual Basic - Visual Basic is a programming language and integrated development environment...
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