At the Crossroads

Topics: Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines Pages: 4 (976 words) Published: September 19, 2013
At the Crossroads- Revisiting EDSA-Taft Avenue

Thousands of people roaming the streets, four different roads leading to different places, hundreds of vehicles plying the roads; these are the elements that draw the scene of the typical Pasay rotonda.

To the ordinary man on the street, not much can be seen in Pasay rotonda. In fact, there is no trace of any rotonda at all. Accordingly, the post in the middle of the crossing serves as the rotonda itself. Looking closer, all you’ll see is a live show of the modern era, busy and always on-the-go. Almost all the buildings around the area have already been replaced with new establishments, well, almost.

Round-and-about the Rotonda

Located at the east bound side of the Taft Avenue, Rotonda Hotel has stood there since the early seventies. Compared to other hotels around the area, this hotel boasts of its historic walls as it withstood the times.

“This hotel has been in business for 25 years, it has been to different renovations and repairs, but the building still stands,” said Tina Abastillas, employee in the Rotonda Hotel.

Although old and quaint, the hotel is still frequented by patrons in the area due to its cheap prices and good service. Another attraction that could catch one’s eyes is the yellow vehicle hanging from the second floor of a building which was formerly a bar named route 99. Abastillas explains that the bar was also owned by the owner of the Rotonda hotel. Even though the bar has already been closed and was already replaced with a convenience store, the car still stayed there.

Joining the bandwagon is Fely’s canteen, formerly known as Pasay Rotonda canteen, which has been in business for 20 years. Although the owner and the name of the place have been changed, the place where its stands still speak of history itself.

Apart from the few establishments that withstood the hard times, there’s but two who bore witness to the history of...
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