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Topics: Entertainment, Advertising, Mass media Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Nowadays with these high technological achievements of human beings everything has become possible. Video games, movies and television programs are also improved as well. So there are a lot of games which are based on reality like the latest wars till the earlier ones, and some of them are based on fantasies which are based on books or the game maker's imagination. Same goes with the movies and television. There are a lot of movies and documentaries about almost everything including the violence and cruelty in all over the world. I strongly agree with the censorship of violence in video games, movies and television programs, although some might say that it shouldn’t be censored. Opponents said that video games, movies and television programs shouldn’t be censored because underage children are being supervised by their parents while they are watching television so that they will not being affected by violence in mass media. Plus, parents should be able to strictly regulate children’s exposure. The opponent also said that these kinds of mass media also portrays violence in a responsible manner that can help to teach the kids to be non-violence. However the research is inconclusive. The reasons why video games, movies and television programs should be censored because children will be easily influence by the violence shown in the mass media. Most of these mass media will show a highly likely aggressive content of violence act and the children’s parents or guardians will not spend the whole time in monitoring the children. The depictions of violence will not teach children on how to cope with violence. In contrast, it will simply traumatize them which also lead in harming the child’s development. Certain television programs advertise blatantly violent video games and music which targets the children and teenagers to participate. Opponents also states that the input of violence is one of the biggest highlight in a good fiction and blockbuster movies. It is because...
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