Apple Motivation System

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Apple motivation system
Apple applies different motivational tools to get their employees up to the mark. The Sales Manager is normally, acutely aware of the importance of having a team that is highly motivated so that the set tasks are achieved and the organization moves closer towards its set goals. Apple motivation system determines all variables in affecting the motivational levels of employees, and one of them is Job Satisfaction. Job satisfaction is a measure of an employee’s positive emotions and pleasurable feelings about his or her job. In simple terms, it answers the question – “Are you happy with your job?”

Creating a culture of trust; leverage the power of peer recognition and focusing on the enablers and tools that help salespeople reach their potential in an increasingly complex business environment. These are all the critical parts of the overall picture of motivating sales force that Apple use.

By gaining a deeper knowledge of human motivation, Apple sales system focus on encouraging and rewarding the behavior that help produce high performance. Apple identifies the motivational factors that the whole company relies on as: · Recognition

· New challenges
· Opportunities to meet new people
· A chance to learn and develop new skills
· Autonomy, being given extra responsibility
· Clear goals; a chance to achieve tangible outcomes
· Feeling involved.
· Status – a new title or privileges

The next are the tools used by the sales manager to motivate Apple sales team. 1-Encourage sales team by Involve them in making important decisions. Employees are motivated when they feel appreciated. Patting people on the back for a job well done is a good first step, but asking them for their input is even more powerful.Apple job enrichment support: the way sales managers can challenge the sales representative is to give them big responsibilities, authority & contests over their jobs, also many people like to have variety in their work 2-Bulid the...
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