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English 102
June, 28, 2013

Is the cost of College tuition to high ?
There has been recent chatter that the cost of college tuition is rising more and more each year. It’s a definite setback to every college students especially those of us who can barely afford to pay for community college. It almost forces us to consider taking out college loans just for first two years of college. But is that even a safe choice? Currently, as of Monday, CNN reporters have announced that college loan interest rates are doubling 6.8% on July, 1st. Now, I know that loans aren’t the only way to help pay off college. There is always FAFSA, but even FAFSA has cut down on funding and is making it a little trickier to receive the pell grant with their new policies and guidelines. Even though College is very important and a path to a bright and successful future the cost of our tuition is very discouraging. Its honestly a scary thought and it adds another heavy brick to the stress wagon. But According to research there are fine reasons to why the situation has been lead to the where its at today.

Odland, Steve. "College Costs Our of Control." Forbes, 24 Mar. 2012. Web. 23 June 2013. This article explains how education is an essential part of the American life but it also

establishes the expenses and how expensive everything has gotten for a college student today. Education is the counterbalance in our country, people can grow up with very little but have a gateway to success by using education. I really like how this article explains how important education is regardless of the price or school. It gives clear and current data of how much each degree pays off in the end. The information in this article would be useful in a sense to explain how important an education is and what it can deliver in our country. This would be great info to build a perspective for some one who is looking to enroll into college because it gives it an...
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