Amul Motivation

Topics: Motivation, Sales, Money Pages: 4 (937 words) Published: November 24, 2012
Motivation is the process of indoctrinating sales people with the unity of purpose to maintain aharmonious relationship among each other in the sales organization. Motivation is the amount of effort that the sales person desires to expend on each of the activities or the tasks associated withthe sales job. The selection of the motivational tool is the most crucial step in the design process and that iswhatAMULalso kept in mind. AMULdeploys both types of motivational tools i.e.:

Financial motivators
(Financial motivation is the most prominent method to motivate the sales people towardsachieving higher sales) Non-financial motivators
(Non-financial motivation plays a vital role for sales people at the later stages when they needthe psychological satisfaction, beyond the monetary benefits. In AMUL, financial motivators include:

Adhoc is a one type of allowance given to employees. union is deciding this allowance asan extra benefit for employees. HRA:-
House rent allowance is given to employees as an incentive. HRA is given to thatemployees who are not leave in quarter allotted by union.HRA is deciding bymanagement committee every three year according to designation of employee. Travel Allowance:-

Travel Allowance is given to employees as incentives. Travel allowance is deciding bymanagement and committee according to designation of employee. Medical:-
For the medical expanse of employees this allowance is given. Medical allowance isdeciding by management committee according to designation of employee. Thisallowance is given to employee for their children education.

Individual employees may receive additional compensation payments in the form of bonus, which is a onetime payment that does not become part of the employees basic In AMUL bonus is paid to employee on regular basis on Diwali. According to thepayment of bonus Act.1965 organisation must paid bonus at a rate of 8.33%. AMULfollow this rule and paid...
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