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AMITY SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLIGY CORPORATE RESOURCE CENTRE SUMMER INTERNSHIP for B. TECH. 2010-14 (ALL BRANCHES) & Dual Degree 2010-15 BATCHES My Dear Amitian, Summer Internship is an important part of your four year B. Tech Programme or five years dual degree at ASET, Its important that student secures a place in the industry for summer internship well in time. The students can take bonafide letter for the company of their contact from Head of CRC, Prof. P.K. Rohatgi in ASET, E-3, Room No.320. The following Industry Internship guidelines are mandatory to follow. 1. Please ensure that you have gone through Summer Internship Kit contains the following. a) Summer Internship Guidelines b) Registration form c) Summer Internship Synopsis Form ( SISF) The Synopsis gives a brief plan how you are going to undertake the Summer Internship project(s) assigned to you. The filled form would help the institute undertake your approach of functioning. Provide the official email id of your Industry Guide for electronic communication. d) Coded Summer Trainee Evaluation form (STEF) Feedback This evaluation form is to be filled by your Industry Guide. Please ensure the form is sent to ASET in strict confidence so as to reach us latest by July 16, 2013. The form is available on AMIZONE. e) Summer Internship Weekly Progress Report Performa (SI WPR) While you are away from campus, we would like to know about your performance during Summer Internship. The weekly progress Reports are to faculty guide only through Amizone every Monday of the week before 1200 hrs. f) Corporate Data Form 1. 10 Companies excel data form in Excel format 2. 5 Personal corporate contacts data forum. g) Details about summer Internship Guides Meet – 2013 The Corporate Meet The Summer Internship Guide Meet 2013 (Corporate Meet) is scheduled on Friday, 6th Sept, 2013 It is an opportunity for the student as well as Amity to Express the gratitude to the Industry Guide and other professionals who have guided & supported you during the Summer Internship. 2. Deadlines at ASET , AUUP Deadlines are a part of corporate culture and this is the first step in preparing you for what lies ahead in your career path. Registration for Summer Internship is mandatory before you proceed for your Summer Internship. Other milestones are as Industrial Training Calendar is enclosed.

3. You take the Industry Internship very seriously & understand the Summer Internship Project in it’s entirely – its objectives, methodology, technology, future scope and the time frame in which it has to be completes. 4. Summer Internship Guides During your summer internship you work with two guides: Industry Guide & Faculty Guide. You are advised to ensure that you fix a meeting where the faculty guide and industry guide can interact and help you deliver good results.

5. Weekly Progress Report Send the weekly Progress Report to faculty guides, through email clearly mentioning SI WPR – Roll Number, Name & Area of the Project : ( NECESSARY IN THE SAME ORDER ) in the subject header by 12:00 noon on every Monday of the week 6. Perform Good Quality Work , which would help you: a) b) c) d) e) f) In developing an understanding of the functional area. In applying theoretical concepts learnt in the class room. In evolving the new theories and concepts. In gaining experience of working in the real life situation . Building a rapport with the industry guide & other professional in the Organization & Industry Establish a mutually beneficial relationship between ASET and your respective Summer Internship organizations.

7. This is an opportunity for you and at the same time a very important responsibility to build a close relationship between your institute and various members of your Summer Internship organization and all the other organization you come across during your Internship. The following would definitely help you to achieve the above. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) Be punctual in your office timing. Understand...
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