Topics: University, Critical thinking, Higher education Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: February 15, 2015

To: Hector Ruci , Admission Office UNYT
From: Elidor Lamaj, Honors Student
Date :January 12th 2015
CC: New Scholarships Strategies

It has come to my attention that income, not race, is the real determining factor in higher education today. Millions of otherwise-qualified high school students aren’t attending college, either because they can’t afford it or either they can’t achieve a hundred percent scholarship. Granting scholarships system must change. So which is this system ?

Scholarships obtained by honours students are valid only for the first year and for the rest are not , which impose the student to pay money for the next years in university. Even though students try to afford it but the opportunities are scarce , they can’t find a job because of their time . So my purpose is that university has to collate this students by finding them some jobs in the university during their free time and this job maybe can justify their fee that is required from them . In my opinion this might be the right method to develop even the university staff and even to help the student who can’t afford the tuition payment. In this case this method will help the university to improve their standards and normally this method will affect positively the credibility of the university. In our community there exist a lot of students who can be good assistants to professors for a lot of things that can be so the “Work as assistant” in our university can be very challenging because students can be even critical thinkers and eager to ask questions and listen to others, they can be creative and willing to use and to develop further skills at collaboration. IT job recently with the development of technology has facilitated more and students of Unyt are able to help teachers when their computer has a troubleshoot so the job as IT provider is to interesting for scholarships students of Unyt.

In the end i have to conclude that this kind of method will be very...
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