Academic Motivation

Topics: Learning, Motivation Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Academic Motivation-
Motivating Yourself to Study back

After the excitement and anticipation of entering college have passed and the semester is well underway, have you found yourself less and less motivated to study, or even to attend class? Although you have more or less settled down and adjusted to living away from home, making new friends, and being on your own, are you finding that the academic area just doesn’t seem to hold your interest? If this is true, perhaps you need to explore your motivation in attending college. This is often a complicated matter and requires your honest assessment of yourself and of your feelings. The following suggestions are initial steps in examining your own academic motivations. 1. First and most importantly, ask yourself why are you in college. There are probably several reasons, the most important of which should be to get an education and to expand your mind by learning. In doing so, you look forward to increasing your value in the job market, but your immediate goal as a student is to learn as much as possible during your college years. Some reasons which people often place at the top of the list, but which are usually poor reasons are: a.Your parents wanted you to come.

b.All your friends came to college.
c.You want to postpone getting a job.
d.You want to have fun.
e.You want to get a start as an athlete.
f.You want to look for a spouse.
g.You didn’t know what else to do.
2. Begin the process of making a career decision as soon as possible. It isn’t necessary that you make a specific decision right away, but having a career direction will increase your motivation. Others (including parents) may be able to offer helpful advice, but the final choice for a career should be yours. 3. When exploring career options, be REALISTIC. You should consider your abilities, values, and interests in evaluating career options. The fact that your great uncle (or your roommate’s brother) chose medicine or law as a...
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