Academic Achievements

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Chapter I
Rationale of the Study
Senior students are graduating students. They are only a few steps away from college; however, they must choose a course to pursue first. This is the part, students become confused and pressured. Academic achievements are products of a student’s academic ability or capacity. Academic achievements are given at the end of the school year during recognitions/graduations. They signify a great accomplishment. It is an advantage to gain achievements of this kind because they serve as credentials in applying for college. Career preference refers to the choice of career or work in the future. It is crucial because of the course a student will take will depend on his career preference. Indeed, a good career preference leads to a good course in college and a satisfying job in the future.

Therefore, it gives answer to the following questions:
1. What is the demographic profile of the respondents in terms of: 1.1. Age
1.2. Gender
2. Do your academic achievements affect your preferred courses to college? 3. Do your presumptions to college affect your career preference? 4. Do academic achievements significant?

Significance of the study
Academic achievements enable the students to determine their intellectual strengths. It symbolizes recognition of the students’ intellect. Through the students’ awareness of their strengths, they can wisely choose a course to pursue in college. Aside from the students, parents can also benefit from this study. Through their study, parents may also be aware of their child’s academic ability. Thus, they can be able to provide proper advice and support to their child as he/she goes to college. The researchers can be able to benefit from this study as well. As researchers, they study the topic and the scope of this research. Therefore, they become more knowledgeable of the topic. Being a student, the...
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