Motivation Questionnaire

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The questions designed for the interview are as follows: 1). Are you interested in the work you do at your work place? And how? 2). Do you think you are making a meaningful contribution at your work place? 3). Did your organization encourage you to change job within the company (getting additional training if needed) so that you can continue to be interested in your work and don’t grow bored with what you do?

4). Is your organization concerned with fairly and equitably reward to encourage for a job well done?
5). Do you think you have attractive work environment?
6). Can you tell me why one employee want to do a good job while another employee with the same abilities couldn’t care less?
7). How do your manager motivate you as an employee to contribute input to their jobs and to the organization?
8). You as an employee of the organization you work for, do you believe that performing at a particular level lead you to the outcomes you wants?
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9). Are the outcomes you received as an employee in appropriate level in comparison to the inputs?
10). Do you think that the procedures use to assess inputs and performance and distribute the outcome perceived in your organization fair? 11). What outcomes are individual motivated to obtain in your workplace? 12). Do you have good relationship with your co-workers and supervisors? 13). Do you think your manager know which needs each employee’s need to be satisfied at work?

14).Are you satisfied with your job right now? Why or why not? 15).What motivates you to do your job well?

16).What are the strategies that your organizations use to motivate their employees?

17).Do you think employee motivation leads to job satisfaction? Explain.

18).How do you define organizational performance and efficiency?

19).What does organizational performance and efficiency entail?

20).How would you rate yourself in terms of job performance and...
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