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Recruitment – function of attracting the best possible candidates to fill up a vacant position. Selection – a critical component to the growth of your organization. The responsibility of effective selection rests on the partnership between the human resource professional and the line managers.

The selection process covers the ff:
Screening applications and resumes
Conducting tests to the applicants
Performing reference or background check
Deciding whether to hire or not
Application letter is the most starting point in the selection process. The bio-data includes, but is not limited to, his education, career interest or goals. CONDUCTING TESTS OF APPLICANTS
Results on the tests should not be the sole basis in selecting the best fit candidate. This includes the ff:
-Ability Test
-Aptitude Test
-Performance Test
-Personality Test
-Honesty or Integrity Test
It is the cornerstone of the selection process. There are some concerns that is lease reliable method of selecting candidates. Here are several stages in purposeful and results-oriented interview 1. Preparing for the interview

2. Making a friend
3. Eliciting information
4. Observing behaviour
5. Concluding the interview
6. Evaluating results of the interview
Orientation – the acculturation process to assist new employees in adjusting to their jobs and work environment and instil a positive work attitude and motivation. It is also socializing process, the welcome and the initial introduction to the organization, and the work of the employee.

Major objectives of orientation:
1. Gain employee commitment
2. Reduce one’s anxiety
3. Help the employee understand organization’s expectations; and 4. Convey what he can expect from the job and the organization

A formal orientation process should include the following components: Welcome to the Company
Tour of the Facilities
Introduction to top Management and Co-Workers
Completion of Paperwork
Review of the Employee Handbook
Review of Job Responsibilities
An induction program could either be short and sloppy or long, overwhelming and boring. Either case is bad. Stick to the basics and do not make it too long that he incoming employee is bored to listen and overloaded with so much information about the company. EFFECTS OF GOOD ORIENTATION PROGRAM

1. Reduces Start-Costs – it can help an employee “get up to speed” much more quickly. 2. Reduces Employee Turn-over – good orientation shows that the organization values the employee 3. Saves time for Supervisor and Co-workers – the better the initial induction, the less likely supervisors and co-workers will have to spend time teaching the employees 4. Develops Positive Job Expectations, Positive Attitude and Job Satisfaction New hires learn as soon as possible what is expected of them, and what expect from others. Furthermore, they learn about the values and culture of the organization.

It refers to the organized learning activities in the organization to improve performance and/or proving the job, the employee and the organization. It encompasses the whole range of training and development intervention and career development. Training – focuses on learning the necessary skills required to perform a job. Development – focuses on the preparation needed for future jobs or jobs that an individual may potentially hold in the future, and is evaluated against those jobs. SPECIFIC BENEFITS FROM EMPLOYEE TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT

1. Increased job satisfaction and morale
2. Increased employee motivation
3. Increased effectiveness in processes, resulting in financial gain 4. Increased capacity to adopt to new technologies and methods 5. Increases innovation in strategies and products
6. Reduced employee turnover
7. Enhanced company image
8. Improved risk management and ethical behaviour in...
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