Business Applications: Assignment

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MIS 2101 Project 1
Business Applications

Name| Gary Smith|


This assignment has three major parts. Each part involves reading, interacting with some software, copying computer screen images into your assignment to demonstrate your work, and responding to questions.

Grading Criteria

This assignment will be graded using a total numeric score based on the accuracy of your answers.

Submission of Deliverable

Add your answers to this document and submit this document as a file. Answers to questions should not be longer than two to three sentences. Credit will be deducted for longer answers.

Submit your final project via hardcopy only, due by the end of class on the assigned date. NO late submissions will be accepted. The assignment is posted on the class MIS Community site. Please use the assignment template for your answers, and provide screen shots for all of the assignments when directed.

To copy a screen image on your computer, press the Alt+PrtSc keys on your computer. This copies the screen to the Windows clipboard. Then go to the assignment Word document, * place the mouse cursor at the point where you want to insert the screen image * press and release the left mouse key

* select Edit/Paste

PART A – Customer Relationship Management


The purpose of this assignment is to learn how businesses manage relationships with existing and potential customers through a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

You will explore a demo of Microsoft’s CRM. Make sure you are using a computer with the volume up so you can hear what the presenter is describing.


1. Watch and listen to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Demo:

2. You will also need to refer to chapter 8 of the Valacich book, Improving Supply Chains and Strengthening Customer Relationships, to answer some of the questions.

Answer the Questions for Part A Here

Developing a CRM strategy is discussed in chapter 8 of the Valacich book. * What changes are necessary for an organization to successfully implement a CRM? | The organization must focus and organize its activities to provide the best customer service possible. A successful CRM strategy must include following changes such as policy and business process changes, customer service changes, employee training changes, data collection, analysis and sharing changes. Additionally, a successful CRM strategy must carefully consider the ethical and privacy concerns of customer’s data. | In chapter 8 of the Valacich book, the terms analytical CRM, collaborative CRM and operational CRM are introduced. According to the book, What is an analytical CRM?What is a collaborative CRM?What is an operational CRM?| Analytical CRM: Systems for analyzing customer behavior and perceptions in order to provide business intelligence.Collaborative CRM: Systems for providing effective and efficient communication with the customer from entire organization.Operational CRM: Systems for automating the fundamental business process – marketing, sales, and support – for interacting with the customer. | List one function that a CRM performs for the sales organization (from the Microsoft site).| The dashboard function creates rollup and regional dashboards that help managers monitor their team’s performance. These dashboards can used to examine regional sales data more closely. Also provides visual representation of current sales compared to quarterly sales goals and updates sales information automatically.| List one function that a CRM performs for marketing organizations (from the Microsoft site). | The Microsoft Outlook application allows users to track sales opportunities. The operational CRM systems help create the mass e-mail marketing campaigns. | List one function that a CRM performs for customer service organizations...
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